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Student Projects

Speak for the Species

Authors: Courtney King, Teodora Nikolova

Grade: 11th

Subjects: Biology, Humanities

Project Details

  • What is a biodiversity hotspot?
  • How do humans impact environments?
  • What cost would loss of biodiversity have on our lives?
  • How do we inform the public about problems in an engaging way?
  • How do we construct effective oral narratives?

California is one of the 34 recognized biodiversity hotspots on our planet, but much of it is ravaged and fundamentally changed by invasive species. Isolated by immense oceans, different parts of the Earth reached a balance, only to be brutally and ignorantly destroyed by explorers. The disturbances, especially in places of the richest flora and fauna, like California, have affected the species and landscape in irreversible ways. Though field trips to the Safari Park, Torrey Pines, the Botanical Garden, and various other parks in North County, our students became familiar with stories of a number of creatures in crisis (vaquitas, bees, condors, etc), thinking about the best ways inform the public and motivate action.

They did this through Podcasts, accessible online here