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Student Projects

Fashion as Change

Authors: Carrie Leung, Brooke Tobia, Guy MacLaury, Jasee Rana

Grade: 6th

Subjects: Humanities, Math, Science

How does fashion provoke change in our world?

What are the environmental effects of fashion?

How do we integrate tech into our daily wear?

How can we use tech to provoke others?

How can fashion be used to make a statement?

Fashion as Change has been inspired by the excess use of fashion and the powerful movement that fashion can evoke change.  Through fashion, students have created pieces that speak either for or against the cause that they are exhibiting.  With the use of tech, students tell a story in hopes to encourage and inspire emotion and change.

Today over 60% of fashion is made from nonrenewable resources like oil and other fossil fuels. When clothes are disposed of, they sit in landfills because the fibers are not biodegradable. Right now, new clothes are being produced at such a rapid rate that some stores restock every day.  Every year over 150 billion fashion pieces are produced globally.

Because of the excess amount of clothes the fashion industry produces we chose to gather and create our pieces out of 100% recycled/upcycled materials.  Every piece that you see in our book has been thoughtfully created with a sustainable perspective.  All of the technology that you see within each piece has not only been used to teach students about the different ways we can use technology, but also to inspire people to act towards causes they believe in.

While looking through our book, we hope for you to gain a new perspective on these important issues and feel motivated to speak out and use your own fashion to express what you believe in.

One of the best takeaways for me was the moment that I found out that my pitch would become one of the actual groups!! I was so excited. This project changed my thinking for many reasons. But mostly it taught me empathy. I had no idea about a lot of the stuff that I learned! I grew to care very much for the people who have Body Dysmorphia. That was my group. The most challenging part was sometimes working together with my group. Most of the time, we got along really well and worked great with each other. But there were those times where we all wanted to do different things. We did have a couple arguments, but we always got back together again. There is nothing else really I have to say, besides that this project is by far the best. You get to collaborate with friends, do what you love and love what you do, and learn a lot on the way! I don’t think it can really get any better than that!