Students critically examined the criminal justice system in the US by working with the California Innocence Project (CIP) to analyze actual clients’ case files and recommend to CIP whether or not to take the case.

The Syrian Refugee Simulation

In this student-created and student-run simulation, participants took on the roles of Syrian citizens forced to leave and seek refuge in another country.

Model UN Trade War

Students played a game called MUN Trade War, where they used math to model economic and military avenues of international engagement.

Growing Beyond Earth

Students learned biology concepts and scientific methods through a real world challenge — growing food with no natural light, no gravity, and hardly any space.

Imagine Mural

Students worked to created a mural in memory of a student that passed away, Sean Fuchs.

Beyond the Crossfire

Students ran and organized a Kickstarter campaign to write and film a documentary that covered the topic of gun violence and its effects in the United States.

The War on Drugs

What should the public know about drugs today? How can we inform them?

Faces of South County

Students dissected, analyzed, predicted and suggested specific ways to improve lives and livelihood.

Love and War

Students read WWII novels, created plays based on them, and researched how chemistry has had an impact on warfare throughout the ages.

La Llaga: Border Project

In La Llaga: Border Project, students explore the reasons why people choose to risk their lives in the attempt to enter the United States illegally.

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