Urban Ants

Students in kinder, third grade, sixth grade, and high school collaborated with university researchers to learn about ants in their urban and natural environments.


Students went on a three-day, 23-mile journey on foot from the Mexican border to the Cabrillo National Monument, capturing the details of the journey through photography and journaling, later to be synthesized into a book focused on dichotomies that students chose to highlight.

Kinetic Coasters

Students melded art, physics, math, and elements of design and engineering to build a rolling ball structure called Kinetic Coasters.

The Voice, HTMMA

What issues and problems does San Diego and its people face? How can I use empathy and compassion to make a positive difference in my community?

Soul Surf

How can students design an engaging and interactive activity for the Natural History Museum that children will find both fun and educational?

Kinected Coasters

How do we build grit and craftsmanship in ourselves and our community through the lense of physics and making?

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