Sharing the Heart of Our Stories

In Sharing the Heart of Our Stories: A Digital Storytelling Journey, the implications of using digital storytelling to engage students in sharing personal stories in the classroom are shared.

Finding Our Hidden Voices

Speak Out: Finding Our Hidden Voices is a compilation of writing and art by students at Finney Elementary in Chula Vista. Edits by Edrick Magalaguim, an alum of the HTH GSE Teacher Leadership program.

The Aveggies Cookbook

In The Aveggies Cookbook, you will learn how they created the book, the benefits of eating vegetables, how to make 52 kid friendly (yet healthy) recipes, and much more!

The Life of Water

An exploration of water in our lives through photographs. Ms. Fortunato’s 6th Grade Science class at HTMMA.

Marine Biology Believe It Or Not!

Marine Biology Believe It Or Not!: A Coloring Book Guide To Real and Mythical Marine Creatures is a coloring book with mythical and real sea creatures created by 6th grade students at HTM in SD.

Mohammad and the Number Genie

Mohammad and the Number Genie: A Mathematical Adventure, has Mohammed on an adventure around the world, in which he learns math concepts, discovers new places, and makes a new friend.

Opening up to Math

In Opening up to Math: How students experience open-ended math problems, Sarah Strong explores how students experience open-ended math problems and how these problems help students to persevere.

E is for Egypt

From Akhenaten to Zoser, “E is for Egypt” will take you on an alphabetical adventure through ancient Egypt. Created by the 6th grade students of Melissa Daniels and Ben Krueger team at HTM.

From Achilles to Zeus: Greek Myth

From Achilles to Zeus: Greek Mythology is a collection of well-known Greek myths retold by 6th graders at High Tech Middle, San Diego.